Written by Alexis

It took me a while, but I’ve come to love working from home. No commuting, sweats all day every day, and my airfryer is only steps away. (Yes to fresh lunches 😍). But being only an arms reach from my bed to my desk, I’ve struggled with setting healthy boundaries to separate work from home life, leading to a cycle of what I like to call "WFH Burnout". 

I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing this, and while I still haven’t mastered the art, here are 4 little ways you can avoid this WFH burnout:

1. Use Your PTO

Don’t be like me and bank all your vacay days to use up “when COVID is over”. Take this as your sign to take a random weekday off to do anything that makes you feel refreshed, whether it be catching up on errands or having a self-care/lazy day.

2. Power Naps 

Can we normalize adults taking naps? I've found that a quick 20 minute nap is the most effective way to reset my brain. Dare I say, it's even more effective than drinking another coffee for me! (PS: don't forget to set an alarm!)

3. Set ‘Do Not Disturb’ on your phone 

From 11pm - 7am, I have my phone set on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. There’s nothing more stress-inducing than receiving emails before your morning alarm goes off. This ensures I am able to get my morning routine done before I start thinking of my work to-do’s.

4. Move your body to good music 

For the days that I have zero energy to do a full-on workout, I opt for a good playlist and just move and dance. For me, there’s something about moving and hearing my favorite songs that releases all the endorphins and clears my busy mind.

For anyone else who has experienced burnout during this pandemic, I see you, and know that you aren’t alone. I can’t say I’m perfect with this, because I STILL experience days or weeks of feeling burnt out, but hopefully these tips can help at least one person out there. Just one day at a time. You got this <3

- Alexis